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Patchwork 1.2
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Patchwork 1.2
21.-22. 10. 2003, Alkatraz Gallery, Kud Mreza, Masarykova 24, Ljubljana
Concept: AUTOMATA in cooperation with PAN KUNSTFORUM NIEDERRHEIN, Emmerich,; and Gallery Alkatraz
Project is supported by The City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture.

Patchwork 1.2 is presenting different strategies of contemporary electronic expressions which are opening alternative ways of cultural forms perceptions and mutations of multimedia collagues.

Program has been presented according to the following schedule: 21.10 from 17h - 19h at the Gallery Alkatraz: HONEY CITY is video installation of contemporary artist who is active under the pseudonym GYP-PY (Japan / Germany) for several years. "Honey city" is an ideal city, in which all inhabitants watch a single television channel - "moving honey" at night. On the TV screen is a warm, slight fluctuation of honey-colored tones. All "honey city" apartment windows glow with the color of honey like a huge light installation. Somewhere, in another huge city, a commercial video about "honey city" is shown on info-screens. The people there dream of another, more beautiful city than their own. But it is possible to make "honey city" in this city as well without rebuilding it: All that is needed is a television channel. The dream city is not far at all - it can be found right at home.

Interactive installation HARDBODY (authors Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic - Serbia & Monte Negro / Slovenia) provide an experience in which the viewer triggers sonic and visual events. Mouse movements are translated into sets of fluid and sharp sound objects. The work consists of elements of fairy tales, horror movies and melodramas, crushing and melting with each other. This material is translated into soundscapes, oscillations and hums: bouncing, thrashy and chaotic fragments which communicate with the viewer.



Presentation of the "EUROSCREEN21" project is currently happening at the various locations around the world. In Slovenia, it was shown for the first time in the Gallery of Contemporary Arts Celje, Ljubljana's premiere happened at the Alkatraz Gallery and was organized by AUTOMATA / CROSSCONVERSATIONCUT.


Sisi Dzakovich LIVE ACT & I/O CTRL
AV performance

Sisi Dzakovich LIVE ACT + I/O CTRL
AV performance, 2003

av performance by Tanja Vujinovic and Jernej Lunder.

I/O CTRL is extracted from processes of automatic tools. It functions by means of circulating commands which carry sound data. I/O CTRL has been remodeling and rebuilding itself - its own database - for more than two years. The version 2.3 is performed together with a video mix. Similarly as in the above mentioned procedure, video act operates with "ready re-made" visual pools of data, which shifts continuously - prior to and during the live act, by forming random relationships between carefully selected visual imagery, and by literally forcing images to pick up the traces of one another. The starting point for all the visual signifiers was Microsoft's Visio softwares built-in package of pictograms, often used by professionals as a visual aid for fluent and powerful graphic presentations. This live act results in extreme visual noise, a melting pot with drowning images that refer to subjects such as corporations and super branding, illegal software, business and success, energy saving.



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