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Automata Public 2005
22.08. - 28.08.2005
interactive sound installations - Hribarjevo Nabrezje, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Production: Automata, 2005
The project was realized with the help of the Town Hall of Ljubljana

Automata Public 2005 projects are interactive sound interventions installed at several locations within the town center. The sounds were created by various authors (Karl Jensac, Helmut Schäfer, Tanja Vujinovic and Zvonka Simcic) who deal with experimental and computer-generated sound. Sonic interventions test relations towards the media, capital, and identity through the implantation of art-gestures into everyday, working circulation. Small scale mechanisms (automata), made of sensors that will react to movement and small broadcasting units, will be hidden at several locations in the center of the town. Sounds will be activated by passers-by and therefore they will intervene into the structure of the town soundscape.


Automata Public 2004
Traveling interactive multimedia installation
Author of the interactive work: Saso Vrabic
Production: AUTOMATA

The project is supported by The Municipality of Ljubljana and The Ministry of Culture RS.

1st October 2004 - Center Rokus, bookshop & educational point, Mestni trg 6, Ljubljana
4th October 2004 - Youth Hostel - Dijaski dom Tabor, Vidovdanska 7, Ljubljana
5th October 2004 - DIC - Dijaski dom Ivan Cankar, Poljanska c. 26, Ljubljana
6th October 2004 - Mladinski dom Jarse, Jarska cesta 44, Ljubljana
7th October 2004 - Vzgojno izobrazevalni zavod Visnja Gora, Cesta Dolenjskega odreda 19, Visnja Gora

Hunting High and Low was presented as the first work in the AUTOMATA:PUBLIC series at various public spaces. A version of this work can be viewed at

Saso Vrabic's project is a powerful intersection of visual and sound material. This multimedia assemblage is a result of the artist's years long, ongoing questioning of the private sphere and re-appropriation of the intimate in the mass-environment. As the author states "Escapism is better then cynicism", he searches for the world buried under millions of cross-references, while still eloquently dealing with some acute social issues. What we all might discover here is his insistence on the fact that we might as well allow ourselves to be human in public, to rediscover the forgotten beauty of plain scenery, static objects, melancholy, the exaltation or sadness of the moment and the shear poetry of human relations. A football game, a child sitting on a chair, newly placed furniture in a recently rearranged apartment are given the atmosphere of a jour fix of the highest importance, sewing the time structure onto the grid of "Hunting High and Low".



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