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Appendix 1
24th June - 5th September 2004
artists: GUP-py (Berlin/Tokyo), Saso Vrabic (Ljubljana), Judith Nothnagel (Duesseldorf), Duba Sambolec (Trondheim/Ljubljana), Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic (Ljubljana), Vesna Bukovec (Ljubljana), Jaka Zeleznikar (Ljubljana), Sisi Dz. (Ljubljana).
Produced by:


The shop-window of PE Foto Bobnar at Gallusovo nabrezje 7 (by the Ljubljanica River) in the old town of Ljubljana: 12, 13 and 14 July 2004; from 20:00 to 08:00.
Kresija Gallery, 6 Stritarjeva Street, Ljubljana: 3, 4 and 5 September 2004; from 18:00 to 08:00.
Electronic LED display "Subiceva" at the intersection of Slovenska and Subiceva Street, Ljubljana : 24 June - 5 September 2004; non-stop.

Appendix is an 'outdoor' artistic intervention, a collection of short video works where the length of the video material is determined according to the standards of the advertising industry. Video installations will be located in an urban space, at different locations in the city of Ljubljana - at unconventional spots for video projections and already existing electronic LED displays.

The interlaced optical phenomena lead the disciplined subject through the process of seduction. Images are constantly recycled and newly 'stitched' mosaics embellish surfaces on which the gazes which articulate the viewer's wishes are anchored. As an appendix to a media-advertising spectacle, these videos are revealing pieces of subjectivities, which transcend beyond the traumas of the contemporary human through artistic interventions.

The project is supported by: the Municipality of Ljubljana , OGLED - Advertising and Electronic Light Systems d.o.o; PE Foto Bobnar Ljubljana (Euro Foto, d.o.o. Kranj), Auditoria Event Agency, Gloss Magazine and Formatisk d.o.o.

Sky Square
GUP-py (Belin/Tokyo)
2002, 2', sound by Doerbaum

The artist GUP-py, well known for inventing funny strategies which might help us better adapt to our "concrete" surroundings, here presents Sky Square - your own square which will help you live easier in a concrete building. With the help of her instrument you will have unlimited access to a perfectly shaped square sky - real, private, your own piece of heaven. 


CODE I (NoHomeVideos©)
Duba Sambolec (Ljubljana/Trondheim)
Video performance (performers: Pernilla Edholm, Duba Sambolec), 2000, 4'

Video CODE I is based on an automated dialog between two women. One woman dominates the conversation and sets up the momentum for the other one to answer illogically.  The idea of the video derives from informative automatic audio recordings from everyday life.  We hear them calling various institutions, in public places such as elevators, airports, shopping malls, etc. One characteristic of the video is repetition, which might provoke anger and despair, at the same time we realize that there is no one on the "other side" and that a dialog with a virtual person is not possible. Consequently, these recordings can awaken in us a desire to search for people who are hidden behind them in public  institutions. The video dialog is like a ping-pong game, exposing the (lack of) concentration, domination, subordination and resistance.


Duba Sambolec (Ljubljana/Trondheim)
2004, 20''

The video AIRPORT REVISITED presents conjugation as animated text; I am the center, you are the center, she is the center, he is the center, etc.
Someone might find the repetitive conjugation boring. However, the repetition of one and the same thing is highly productive in the political indoctrination of people, in the profitable marketing of commodities and in selling the satisfaction of desire.


(video remix of Jaka Zeleznikar's Audio Visual Poem Generator, 1998/1999, by Sisi Dz.)
Jaka Zeleznikar/Sisi Dz.  ( Ljubljana )2004, 1'56''

This video is a remix of elements generated by the net-based work of Jaka ?eleznikar under the title "Audio visual poem generator". Jaka's generator uses as basic modules, among other procedures, 6-8 form (luc-bat), taken from Vietnamese folk poetry, as well as visual and sound elements derived from the form of a Japanese character for public phone. The original net work is located at


Kuh vadis
Judith Nothnagel (Duesseldorf)
2002, 30''

The video "Kuh vadis" is an alienated, calmed down and simultaneously stirred up video structure in which the author cynically plays with the issues of actuality and speed, being physically present or absent, efficiency and other current political agendas.
"Kuh vadis" shows a herd of cows running directly at the viewer. She chooses cows as a symbol of food and power.  Finally, she reflects on the habits of cows and consumers. Kuh vadis or Quo vadis?


This Game Needs High-tech Referees
Saso Vrabi? ( Ljubljana )
2002, 4', camera and narration: RTVSLO; music: Robbie Williams

This video is blurred and out of focus and somewhere in the middle of this short video the picture becomes sharp, explaining to the observer what the point of the story is. Generally the idea is based on a football game as a primitive game which has a referee who judges very subjectively, although spectators can watch what really happened during the game in slow motion replays on their TVs at home. Football is the most popular game in the world.


Plasma E_Chai #1
Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic ( Ljubljana )
2004, 1'49''

Plasma E_Chai #2
(extracted version for electronic LED display)
Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic ( Ljubljana )
2004, 20''

The video work Plasma E_Chai is a parody of current trends which are out to tell us the "right way", new ideologies/philosophies, religious remixes preaching a return to the origin, essential and organic. The videos are literally advertising clips presenting new products from the Plasma series using the funny persuasion methods of one of the software tools for hypnosis and auto-hypnosis. The exact rhythm, the impact of colors on brain combined with sound events, according to the authors of the method, surely work.


Why do I do this?
Vesna Bukovec ( Ljubljana )
2001, 3'10''

Why Do I Do This? is a video work in which the statements of Andy Warhol in the background are mixed with TV images and sounds (from movies and documentaries). Warhol answers different questions about his art. His answers are playful and not very serious. To me, Andy Warhol is one of the key artists "responsible" for the current situation in contemporary art. His statements are arguments for any kind of activity within art. Activity and production in art are not necessarily clear and transparent; they could be totally confused and meaningless. To the question "Why do you do this?" you can always answer with Warhol's "I don't know."



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