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Dynamo (Twitch)
sound, video, animation, shockwave object, 2005
Production: AUTOMATA, 2005

Dynamo is a concept about physical movements and cognitive functions displayed through bodily electricity.

This concept is about interferences between physical movements and cognitive functions displayed through bodily electricity. Dynamo is derived from specific social circumstances revealed through the twitches and bodily discipline implicated in sports gymnastics. It is inspired by enormous physical effort gymnasts bodies are submitted to and minimal and sometimes hardly visible bodily twitches involuntary movements, jolts and recoils generated by fractional dysfunctions of body's electrical circuit. Sound base for this piece was built with the sounds that were derived from the visual material through the process of Fourier Transformation that in a way also reveals physicality of the visual. The complexity of the converted images sometimes resemble human nervous system. Twitch is the video version of the work.



animations, sound, internet, 2002
Production: AUTOMATA, 2003

Hardbody is a web based flash object with minimal shifts, oscillations and hums.

The central piece of the series is consisted of the twelve flash stages. Hardbody provides an experience in which the viewer triggers sonic and visual events. Sets of fluid and sharp sound objects contain elements of fairy tales, horror movies and melodramas. These soundscapes reveal bouncing, thrashy and chaotic fragments. Minimal, tiny shifts are about the traces of the highway of the digital bodies dispersed all over social space in patterns. It is about the non-centered and depersonalized bodies that became a fascinating show.




animations, sound, internet, 2004

Love-Plus is a web based work knitted out of statements and statistics.The hidden verbal content is placed in pages under the visual material and optimized for help read freeware.

Love-Plus is a work commissioned by Sinnlos, Austria. It is a depot of social traumas, a dark burlesque knitted out of traumatic data which are usually hidden, hard to understand or simply rewritten to suit current political agendas. Love-plus is an assemblage of surplus social care - the hygiene, preservation, modification and termination of human life and the parameters which define our abilities to fit into the prevailing acceptable models of desired mental and physical conditions. The work is full of dragable images, statements and statistics which reflect the passive violence we have all been exposed to by various national programs and policies.



Training Pattern
Flash object / 3D object
Production: AUTOMATA, 2003

( About Training Pattern and Verhaltensmuster - Hardbody Circle)
Our first collaborative work "Training Pattern" and the subsequent "Verhaltensmuster" are from the same family of works. Training Pattern is linearly structured. Verhaltensmuster has a funny, incomprehensible German title, a reference to the native language of psychiatry. It is an interactive virtual three-dimensional environment consisting of short videos and sound loops about our publicly enacted and assigned social and political identities, disciplinary mechanisms of the family and school and patterns built into the "guiding" program of Christian mysticism. Walls are covered with "vulvas", wounds and mutilated heads developed from religious imagery: erotic impulses incorporated into Catholic iconography, elements of rituals and notions of cleaning, confessing, purifying and innocence.
Patterns are digital prints that concern the shifting and re-arranging of the thinking patterns accumulated during our lives. All these routines are translated into everyday rituals.




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